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Our international and domestic services:

Haulage by tanker trucks

Haulage of bulk cargo (sand, cement, lime, bottom ash etc.) in tanks.

Haulage by refrigerator trucks

National and international transport of regular and temperature sensitive goods (from -20 °C to +20 °C) on separate pallets but also as full truck loads and less truck loads.

Haulage by tarpaulin trailers

National and international haulage of various goods.

Haulage by hook lift hoists

Container haulage with jaw and regular hook lifts to transport metal, waste, tyres, construction waste. We rent out containers.

Front-end loader services

Service is provided by a VOLVO 90F, which can accommodate various attachments: 3.2 m3 shovel, 9 m3 high tilt bucket, loading forks, snow plough and sweeping brooms. The loader weights 17 tons.

Haulage by heavy haul trailers

Haulage by trailers with a width up to 3 m and load-bearing capacity up to 32 tons.

Haulage by containers

Haulage by 20´, 30´ and 40´ shipping containers.

Storage of goods

Storing of temperature sensitive and regular goods in accordance with the requests of clients.

All haulage is conducted in compliance with the CMR convention. We hold CMR and TIR customs risks insurance by way of which we partly insure our client risks during the transport of goods to their destination.